by Chakra Khan

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From the forthcoming album, "The Cope Aesthetic"


Don’t give in
Right where you are
Stay right where you are x3


When the endless pathways present themselves
Don’t you fret and get in the way
Get in touch with yourself
When the world is loud
And you don’t know who you’ve been listening to
Take the time
Get to solitude
If other people have a problem
Cause you stopped the catering to them
It’s for the best
If other people
Have a problem when you’re honest
Well it’s for the best
Don’t give in the
To the place inside
That says everyone needs my time
Don’t give in
To the wild idea that says
I don’t need to rest, ever

Stay right where you are

Swim inside your mind and
Find all the things you believe, fast
Trace them back
And have your reasons
In heart and mind
Heart and mind
Don’t give into the world
Telling you don’t be selfish
Be selfish
Maybe all these things they’re suggesting you do
Are not for you
Are not made with you in mind

Stay right where you are


released February 14, 2017
Lyrics by Alexandra Love
Produced by DiViNCi
Additional Keys & Bass by Max Drummey
Mixed & Mastered by Ricardo Sangiao



all rights reserved


Chakra Khan Sydney, Australia

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